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Benefits of Eyeglasses

Are eyeglasses right for you? Sometimes eyeglasses are the best choice for our patients, depending on lifestyle, eye sensitivity, and on personal preferences. Read on to learn more about the benefits of wearing eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are often more convenient than contact lenses because you can easily slip them on or off. This makes eyeglasses ideal when you are only using them for specific tasks, such as reading or driving. Eyeglasses are also easier to maintain than contact lenses, which need to be changed and cleaned frequently to prevent infection. There is no such risk with eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses, when you care for them properly, should last a long time. Ultimately, this makes them more cost-effective than contact lenses, which need to be changed out. With this in mind, you should remember that your eyeglasses are an investment. If you choose eyeglasses over contact lenses, remember that you are using them for a long period of time and wearing them every day. Make sure you get the pair that fits you, your eyesight, your lifestyle, and fashion best!

Another benefit of eyeglasses is the fashion statement you can choose to make with your frames. Glasses can bring your outfit together and say something about your personality. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D., the stereotypes associated with people wearing glasses include honesty, classiness, and intelligence. If those qualities are what you want to portray, then eyeglasses will definitely benefit you.

Bifocals Vs. Progressives
You may be suffering from Presbyopia, which is the loss of near focusing ability that often begins in your forties. You might want glasses but are concerned about having to have separate pairs for reading and other daily tasks. Conversely, you may be concerned that you will need bifocals, which can cause embarrassment because they are associated with old age and are typically worn by the elderly. You don’t need to worry about that, however, because we carry progressive lenses as well. Progressive lenses let you see in near, medium, and far distances seamlessly, without anyone being aware you suffer from Presbyopia.

Looking for Eyeglasses in the Stuart, Port St. Lucie, or Jensen Beach FL Area?
Look no further than Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Jensen Beach! With over 3,000 frames to choose from here at our office, you can find a frame that suits you best. Not only do we carry name brand designer frames, we also run amazing special offers such as free eye exams with eyeglasses for as little as twenty dollars. We make eye care at our office affordable.  To learn more about how you can save on state-of-the-art eyeglasses that fit you, call (772) 217-4575 to schedule your exam today!



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