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Choosing a Pair of Eyeglasses

Choosing a Pair of Eyeglasses in Stuart, FL

You walk into the eye doctor’s office in Stuart, FL. You’re looking for a pair of FL eyeglasses. After your eye exam, you’re overwhelmed with all your choices. There are so many frames out there. How can you possibly pick one?

There are a few guidelines you should follow to find the most flattering fit. If you’ve only ever chosen glasses based on their appeal, you may not be wearing the best frames for you. Here are the considerations to keep in mind as you browse eyeglass frames.

choosing a pair of eyeglasses


Do you choose frame color randomly? You shouldn’t. Depending on the color of your eyes and skin tone, certain colors are a better fit. We’ll now explain more:

  • Although you’d think you’d look washed out, you should choose lighter-colored frames to best match light eyes and a fair complexion. You can go beyond whites and silvers into turquoise, green, and even blue.
  • If you have a darker, somewhat warmer complexion (classified as medium), you can wear blonde tortoise, gray metals, and white steels. Your eyes can be lighter and these frames should still look great.
  • With darker eyes and a darker complexion (still medium), you have even more options. Feel free to try tone-on-tone prints, wood, horn, and other vivid, interesting styles.
  • Those on the darkest end of the spectrum can embrace shimmery tints and frosted pastel and clear colors. Hues like chocolate, gunmetal, and navy also look exceptionally good.

Personal Style

What’s your style like? Here’s how to figure it out.

Classic: Plastic or full-rim metal frames tend to look best on those who embody the classic style. Your tastes are considered more sophisticated but not flashy.

Casual: Your frame choice matters, even if you prefer a casual style. Try rimless or semi-rimless frames that are as hands-off as you are.

Trendy: If you always have to be ahead of the trends, try either very light frames or strong, dark colors to make a statement with your glasses every day.

Sporty: You can’t go a day without some sort of physical activity. You need glasses that can hold up. Wraparounds, wayfarers, and aviators are durable choices.

Face Shape

The shape of your face is also a huge determining factor in which eyeglass frames you should choose. We’ll now explain why:

  • Square-shaped: With round glasses, your frames should reduce the sharp angles prominently featured on your face.
  • Oval-shaped: You have more freedom when choosing your frames with an oval-shaped face. You want these to be slim so they don’t draw attention to your bigger cheekbones.
  • Circle-shaped: The opposite of square-shaped, you should get square or rectangular frames with a circular-shaped face. These add angles to your features.
  • Heart-shaped: With your delicate face shape, you need wide frames. These bring attention away from your larger cheekbones and forehead.

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