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Eye Exams: What to Expect

In order to keep your vision functioning optimally, yearly optical exams are essential. You can receive an eye exam from our eye doctor at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical in order to keep your vision the best it can be. Some patients may be nervous about receiving an eye exam, especially if they have not had one in over a year, but our eye doctors do a wonderful job in creating a relaxing atmosphere for all our patients. Read on to find out what you can expect at your vision screening.

Eye Pressure Testing
After being checked in, you will have your eye-pressure tested. This is a routine part of an eye exam called tonometry. Eye pressure is important to test because increased eye pressure can be a sign of glaucoma, which is a common cause of vision loss. Pressure testing your eye may sound frightening, but the pressure of your eye can be tested without ever touching your eye. Our eye doctor will use an optical device that can detect pressure simply by releasing a puff of air into your eye and measuring your eye’s resistance to that air. It is a quick and easy procedure that does not hurt at all but is essential to maintaining healthy vision.

Eye Movements Testing
Our eye doctor may test your eye movements, otherwise known as ocular motility, by asking you to follow a moving object with your eyes. It is a simple test, but struggling with it can indicate a deeper issue. Poor eye movements can cause a patient to have trouble with reading, coordination, and more.

Vision Testing
After checking your eye-pressure, our eye doctor will also go on to check your actual visual acuity, also known as your sharpness of vision. Having strong visual acuity and a correct prescription for glasses or contacts is what is normally thought off when patients think of eye exams, in addition to the classic chart with letters and numbers of different sizes, also known as an eye chart. During your vision testing our eye doctor will ask you a series of questions to find out how well you are seeing the visual stimulus presented to you. It is important to keep in mind, however, that our contact lens screening and our prescription glasses screenings can differ slightly.

Your Eye Exam Provider in Jensen Beach, Stuart, or Port St. Lucie, FL.
Ask us about what other forms of testing, besides movement, vision, and pressure testing, that we can do to keep your vision functioning optimally. When you need a provider of regular eye exams near Stuart, Jensen Beach or Port St. Lucie FL, then you should visit our experts at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical. Contact us at (772) 217-4575 today to make an appointment that will keep you seeing beautifully!



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