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Low Vision

Low Vision Treatment near Stuart, FL

It's very common for your eyes to change as you get older, and for most patients, we can correct these changes with eyeglasses and contact lenses. For some patients, though, their vision failure is so severe that it can't be corrected with medical treatment, surgery, or any type of prescription lenses.

If you have irreversible vision damage, but still have some vision left, your condition is called low vision. At Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical, we have a variety of treatment options for patients with low vision and can train you in adapting your lifestyle to adjust to your vision problems.

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What is Low Vision?

If, after a thorough eye examination, our optometrist finds that your better eye only measures 20/70, he'll diagnose you as having low vision. This means that your eyesight can't be corrected with normal methods. Even with treatment or surgery, you'll still have trouble doing everyday tasks, such as driving a car, reading a book, cooking or doing hobbies. Low vision is more common in adults over 65, and in Hispanics and African Americans over 45. 

Low Vision Symptoms

Low vision may seem like your eyesight is deteriorating, but it's not official until you reach a point where it can't be fixed anymore. Some of the more common symptoms we see are:

  • Lights seem dimmer, no matter how many you turn on
  • You have a hard time recognizing familiar faces
  • It's difficult for you to tell the difference between different shades of color
  • If you can't do close-up work, such as crafting, reading, cooking or playing cards
  • You have difficulty reading street signs and store names

Low vision can be caused by any number of eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, stroke, and other eye conditions. It's crucial that you discuss this with your optometrist because some symptoms can be relieved before they get any worse.

Low Vision Treatment

Since low vision is the result of irreversible eye damage, there's no way to improve your eyesight. Treatment for this condition is based on finding ways for you to live your normal life using a variety of tools to help you see. Optical and non-optical devices, along with vision rehab services, can help you to learn new ways to do everyday tasks. Some of the more popular devices include:

  • Monoculars or telescopic glasses to help you to see faces, signs, television screens, or other objects at a distance
  • Magnifying reading glasses for computer work, for crafts, and for reading books
  • Glare shields for increasing contrast
  • Adaptive equipment such as clocks with larger faces and cell phones with large buttons

Your Low Vision Treatment Optometrist Team Near Stuart, FL

It can be frustrating and frightening to deal with low vision; that's why it's so important to have a team of professionals by your side to help you learn to adjust to your new way of living.

Contact our office at (772) 692-2020 today and we can start you back on the road to independence.



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