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Eye Injury Care near Stuart, FL

Few events are more frightening and painful than those involving injuries to the eye. From foreign objects and corrosive agents to impact trauma, your eyes are vulnerable to many potential threats, any of which can have serious repercussions for your vision. Fortunately, you have friends here at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical, your place for eye injury care near Stuart, FL. Our optometrist, Dr. Durante, can evaluate your situation and provide soothing, possibly even sight-saving treatment.

women has an eye injury in Jensen Beach, Fl

Common Types of Eye Injuries

When you consider the delicate structures of the eyes and their exposure to the outside world, it's actually amazing that they aren't injured even more frequently than they are. This is particularly true if you play sports, work outdoors in a windy environment, or work indoors around flying debris or chemicals. common types of eye injuries include:

  • Corneal abrasions - The tissues of the corneas can easily be scratched. rubbing your eyes in response to grit, dryness or other irritation can cause corneal abrasions, leaving you with red eyes, light sensitivity, and vision problems. Dry eye and/or ill-fitting contact lenses can make you more prone to corneal abrasions.
  • Foreign objects - Objects such as wood shavings, glass shards, and metallic debris can cause serious damage to the eye, especially if they are propelled into it at high speed. In some cases, these objects may embed themselves in the eye or even penetrate the eye.
  • Chemical burns - Chemicals or other corrosive agents can burn the eyes. Substances to watch out for include battery acid, chalk dust, industrial chemicals in the workplace and household cleaning products.
  • Impact injuries - An impact to the eye can leave you with the bruising, swelling, and broken blood vessels in the eye collectively known as a "black eye." A direct impact may also cause an inflammation of the iris (a condition known as iritis) or fractures of the bones surrounding the eye.

Expert Care at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical

If you've sustained an eye injury, come directly to Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical for prompt eye injury care near Stuart, FL. We can irrigate chemically-burned eyes to dilute the caustic substance and prevent further damage. Foreign objects can usually be washed out or extracted; if the object is deeply embedded or has penetrated the eye, we may refer you to a surgical specialist. Corneal abrasions can be treated with topical antibiotics and pain relievers, as well as additional strategies such as addressing your dry eye or fitting you with different contacts.

Need Eye Injury Treatment in Jensen Beach, Stuart, or Port St. Lucie, FL?

If you need eye injury treatment in Jensen Beach, Stuart, or Port St. Lucie, FL, contact (772) 692-2020 for immediate advice and to let us know you're coming in for treatment. We can help you through this scary situation!



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