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Your Source for Eyeglasses in Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Jensen Beach FL

If you've never worn eyeglasses before, you may not know what to expect -- and if you've received unsatisfactory glasses in the past, you know that all optical clinics are not created equal. Either way, Cohen's Fashion Optical is the smart place to turn for eyeglasses in Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Jensen Beach FL!

Dr. Durante's optometry practice in Cohen's Fashion Optical


How Eyeglasses Correct Your Vision

The most common application for eyeglasses is the correction of refractive errors. When light enters a normal eye, the lens focuses it so that a sharp, clear image will come together precisely at the back of the eye, on the retina. But if the eyeball or cornea has a less-than-perfect shape, the refracted image may come into focus at too short or too long a distance, producing distorted vision. Refractive testing and standard vision testing can reveal to us whether you have a refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. We can also diagnose presbyopia, a refractive error that occurs later in life as the lens becomes stiffer and more resistant to the focusing muscles.

Eyeglasses compensate for these refractive errors by doing some extra refraction for you before the light even hits your eye. The lenses are precisely shaped to bend incoming light just enough to permit clear images to form at the retina. You may need glasses all the time for everyday use, or you might only need them occasionally for reading and other close work. You can also alternate eyeglasses with contact lenses to suit your activity or mood.

Choosing the Right Eyeglass Options for Your Needs

Cohen's Fashion Optics can make you happy and proud to wear eyeglasses in Stuart, Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie. With over 3,000 fashionable designer frames to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect look for your facial shape, personal taste, and sense of style. Designer labels at our clinic include Ann Klein, Calvin Klein, Porsche, Maui Jim, Georgio Armani, Guess, Lacoste and many others. You'll also find that we offer a variety of lens types and materials, including:

  • Single-vision lenses (for simple refractive errors)
  • Progressive or multifocal lenses to help you see clearly at all distances if you have presbyopia
  • Polycarbonate lenses that resist shattering
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses that block damaging UV rays
  • Tinted, filtered, coated or photochromic eyeglasses that offer extra protection against glare

We can help you select the best combination of these attributes for your specific vision problem and intended usage.

Need Eyeglasses in Stuart, Jensen Beach or Port St. Lucie FL?

If you're looking for state-of-the-art eyeglasses in Stuart, Jensen Beach or St. Lucie FL, Cohen's Fashion Optical is running some amazing special offers, including complete eyeglasses for a little as $20 along with a free eye exam. Call (772) 217-4575 to schedule your exam today and learn more about how you can save on state-of-the-art eyeglasses!



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