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Eyeglasses For Men

Eyeglasses for Men Near Stuart, FL

With a long history of providing patients with access to the very best, and most affordable eye care, Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical is here for all of your eyeglasses and sunglasses needs. We offer a large line of eyeglasses for men – including all of the brands you know and love. It's our goal to ensure you leave our office completely satisfied with your experience. To achieve this, our team will work closely with you to ensure you pick the right glasses for your needs.

designer frames for men

Choosing Men's Eyeglasses

With a large selection of designer frames for men, any patient who visits our team will find the look they desire. However, many of our patients wonder what the best look and style is right for them. Our trained technicians will work closely with you to help you find just the right pair. Here are some tips to help you choose the best men's eyeglasses based on your face shape and size.

Round Face

For men who have a round face, just the right eyeglasses are important. You have a round face if you have full cheeks and a rounded chin. Your face has an equal length to the width. For men with a round face, it's important to choose glasses that add some interest and detail. Look for those with strong details or darker colors. Choose lenses that are wider rather than tall. And, you don't want the edges to touch your cheek. Look for those with nose pads to help elevate them.

Square Face

You have a square face as a male if you have a prominent jawline and a wide forehead. You have features that are more angular. Those who have a square face already have a great deal of interest and unique detailing. That's why it is important to choose neutral colors and thinner frames. This will help your naturally good looking features stand out. Look for rounded or upswept shapes.

Oval Face

Those who have an oval face have balanced features over the entire face. You have high cheekbones and a chin that's narrower than your forehead. If you're a male with an oval face, you need to create some interest using your glasses. Choose bold shapes and fun colors.

Heart Face

Men with a heart-shaped face typically have a broad forehead and a narrow nearly pointed chin. You also have high cheekbones. For heart-shaped faces, keep the details and embellishments in the style towards the lower half. And, look for frames that are wider at your forehead. Because of your face is very dynamic already, look for light-colored glasses that let your features stand out.

Schedule a Consultation for Eyeglasses near Stuart, FL with Our Team

When you need eyeglasses near Stuart, FL, there's no better option than Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical. Come in to find the designer frames for men that are just right for your face and features. Call us for an appointment: 772-217-4575.



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