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Eyeglasses For Women

Eyeglasses for Women near Stuart, FL 

At Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical, you will find a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from. There's always something to fit just about any need. When you come in to shop for eyeglasses for women, our skilled and experienced technicians will work with you, hand-in-hand, to find the best frames for your specific needs. What makes a pair of eyeglasses look great for women? It's important to look at the details.

designer glasses for women

Tips for Choosing Eyeglasses for Women

Eyeglasses for women should fit your face shape and size well. You'll want to select a pair of glasses that are not overly big on your face or those that are too small. While comfort is important, you can also be stylish and allow your personality to come through. Designer frames for women are available in a wide range of styles. Here are some tips for choosing eyeglasses based on your face shape, a good place to start for women.

Round Face

If you have fuller cheeks and a rounded chin, especially when the length and width of your face are equal, you have a round face. If you have this face, choose eyeglass styles that add depth and style to your face. Look for those that have strong features and shapes. You'll need a wider rather than a taller lens. And, you'll need nose pads to help boost your glasses up off of your rounder cheeks.

Square Face

Women who have a strong jawline coupled with a wide forehead and angular features typically have a square face. For those who have a square face, it's important to choose glasses that somewhat blend in since your face already have stunning features to show off. Choose rounded or upswept shapes in eyeglasses. Look for neutral colors and thinner frames.

Heart-Shaped Face

Those who have a broad forehead along with high cheekbones and a pointed and narrowed chin have a heart-shaped face. For those with a heart-shaped face, it's important to choose eyeglass frames that are wider than your forehead to create a balanced look. Look for lighter colors and keep any details on the lower half of the lens to help pull away attention from the forehead.

Oval Face

Your face is oval-shaped if you have balanced features overall, high cheekbones and a chin that's narrower than your forehead. With an oval shape, you have a great deal of choice available to you. Look for eyeglasses that are a bolder shape to add interest. Add fun textures and colors. For size, be sure to look for a pair of glasses that creates a balanced look.

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When you are shopping for eyeglasses near Stuart, FL, stop in to see our team at Dr. Durante Cohen's Fashion Optical. You'll find all of the designer frames for women you need to find a balanced, beautiful look for your face. Call us now: 772-217-4575.



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