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Contact Lenses

Some of our patients may be unsure about whether or not glasses or contacts are right for them. Here at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical, we offer a wide variety of glasses and contact lenses. If you are wondering whether or not contact lenses are right for you read on to find out.

Close fit
As opposed to glasses, contact lenses fit right on your eye. They can fit so comfortably that you can even forget that you are wearing them! This fit can feel natural, but it has other benefits too. Contact lenses never fog up or need to be pushed up your nose. Wearing contact lenses are essential if you want to play sports without worrying about your glasses falling off or breaking.

Natural look
Unlike glasses, contact lenses match everything you wear--because you can’t see them! Some of our patients may be embarrassed about having poor eyesight, but with contact lenses there is no need to worry. No one can see that you are wearing them. In addition, wearing contact lenses can allow you to wear any pair of non-prescription sunglasses without losing any of your visual acuity.

Types of Contact Lenses
You may have tried contact lenses in the past and decided that they are not for you. It is possible, however, that you were not prescribed the right type of contact lenses for you. Here at Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical, we offer a variety of types of contact lenses with varying versatility.

Our contact lenses offerings include:

  • Soft Disposable Contact Lenses – comfortable, close-fitting contacts that may last a day, a week, or even up to a month
  • Gas-Permeable Contact Lenses – more durable eyewear options, which require a period of adaptation, and which are sometimes well-suited for children
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses – correct nearsightedness and farsightedness as needed
  • Monovision Contact Lenses – correct your dominant eye with one prescription contact and your non-dominant eye with a different prescription
  • Toric Contact Lenses – special lenses that correct your astigmatism
  • Colored Lenses – both prescription and non-prescription contacts are available with artificial colors, to change your eye color for cosmetic reasons or correct color irregularities

Contact Lens in Jensen Beach, Pt. Saint Lucie, and Stuart, FL
At Dr. Durante and Cohen’s Fashion Optical, our whole team is committed to improving the quality and convenience of your eye care options in Martin County, Florida. When you decide to get a contact lens prescription, after we give you your eye exam, we will help you find the best type of contact lenses for you based on your eye health, occupation, vision and lifestyle. For those who are unfamiliar with contact lenses, our expert optical team will even show you how to remove and fit the lenses yourself, take care of them, and adapt to your new vision. Call us at (772) 217-4575 to schedule your contact lens exam today or to find out if contact lenses are right for you.



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